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Connected: Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on March 6, 2011

Chunky Move’s, Gideon Obarzanek teams up with Californian artist, Reben Margolin for a piece of ‘pure mechanics’. Connected, premiering at the Merlyn Theatre on March 11, features Reuben’s kinetic sculptures exploring the nature of connections in the universe. Margolin’s other pieces include Magic Wave "Magic Wave"

‘The Magic Wave has a light blue aluminum grid suspended by 256 cables. And instead of two perpendicular waves, its motion is an addition of four variable-amplitude waves: two structured as single-wavelength, and two as double-wavelength. And there is an overall height mechanism that raises and lowers the entire wave simultaneously.’ (Margolin, 2008).
It is a version of the “Square Wave” (pictured below)
Square Wave

In Connected, the sculpture is one ‘suspended by hundreds of fine strings’ each receiving information from various wheels and ‘camshafts’ (a part o an engine consisting of a rod to which cams are attached, cam = a part of an engine that converts a circular motion into a to-and-fro motion). We see the sculpture constructed throughout the piece, as well as the movement and physical connections slowly evolving from ‘simple movements and hundreds of tiny pieces’ into ‘complex structures and relationships’ (quotes from Malthouse Theatre, Season 1, 2011).

Directed and choreographed by Gideon Obarzanek, Connected features Stephanie Lake, Alisdair Macindoe, Josh Mu, Marnie Palomares and Harriet Ritchie as they build this monumental sculpture; ‘a geometry of nature’ (Malthouse Theatre, Season 1, 2011).

And here’s a link to a YouTube Video in which Gideon Obarzanek and Reuben Margolin talk about the upcoming piece.


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