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Week 3!

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on February 21, 2011

Unfortunately I was really sick this week so we didn’t really get much done on our piece which is now named The Heroine which we all thought was a nice play on words!

So Monday (our double) I was away so Geoff and Cat were just trying out a few different things. It was a slightly problematic situation given that there are no scenes where they actually interact so they mainly worked on the second scene China White which is where the heroin is first injected/taken. They found a more subtle way of showing the taking of heroin in which she drags her right hand along her left arm but there is a table nearby (a small one) which is set up with four syringes, a little dish (like a Petri dish), a “sachet” of heroin (white powder wrapped up into a little square) and liquid of some form. As she is doing this, Geoff (the drug) is slowly walking up behind her; she can’t see him but the audience can. He doesn’t touch her or do anything like puppetry which happens later in the piece; this is a device used to make the audience aware that he is the personification of the drug. They were thinking potentially having Cathy do that as well but I want to make it clear that she is not taking the drug as well and I think it will be more effective and focussed this way.

Unfortunately, this means she does not have much of a part so I’ve been thinking of ways to give her a more significant part and effectively show some of the other symptoms of drug abuse. The thing is that I don’t want to just show that using drugs is bad; I want there to be a focus on the person who is trying to help as well. So it works well that Cathy needs a bigger role and it adds another layer to the piece.

On Wednesday we finished Turning Tables which made me incredibly happy. I’m really happy with the choreography and the way Geoff is working. Our only problems at this stage will fix themselves with rehearsals. The music is working a lot better than Shelter did so it’s great to now that we made the right decision there! I decided to shorten the music so that it could be intense, focussed and polished by the time we perform it !

– Sorry this is up late!


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