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Week 2: IP

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on February 13, 2011

I felt a bit blocked this week and I found myself getting easily frustrated. I would get frustrated with myself and then take my frustration out on Geoffrey mainly, who would be understanding which would make me more frustrated – not very productive. And I feel bad for that and did at the time but it was like a horrible cycle.

Saying that, we did get somewhere with “Shelter”. I would do this chronologically but I do not remember the order in which everything happened so I’ll just go through what did happen in no particular order.

I was finding that our choreography was not fitting very well to the music (Shelter by The XX). I love the song and feel the lyrics are very suitable but I wasn’t feeling inspired by it and I felt that what I was choreographing did just not quite work. I was listening to Adele’s new album 21 when I heard the song Turning Tables and I could really feel it. I started by moving to that with no particular structure just doing what came naturally and transfering that choreography to Shelter which was working relatively well but then I just thought – why not use Turning Tables when I had a vision so clearly etched in me? I showed the piece and what I had choreographed to it to Cathy and Geoffrey. I was a bit nervous about their response because I obviously care a lot about what they think and it was a quite a different song and chore (I did incorporate moves/ideas from Shelter into TT). I think they liked it though, although I know they both really liked shelter so maybe we’ll be able to incorporate the song some how… They both agreed that the chore fitted more, so that’s good.

I’m really excited about this section because it shows two extravagantly different sides of the drug and therefore two different sides of the ‘protagonist’. There’s the pair (the drug and the addicted) that work equally, co-operatively and with harmony, presented through mirroring. This, we know, is actually not the case and it therefore exemplifies the manipulative side of the drug; showing the many different attractions that it has. Then there’s the drug that totally controlling and unforgiving, shown – quite obviously, I think – through puppetry. For the puppetry section I want well, me, to have doll like qualities in my movement to show how utterly controlled she is by the drug. Geoff will be entirely unforgiving and rid of all good emotions and feelings. He will be pleased with the power he has over her and intent on pushing her to her limits, and push past them quite easily.

Upon thinking further, I decided to include Cathy as the friend/family member rather than the psychologist/analyist because I was worried about getting the message across. I will be trying to drag her in, towards the drug, and she will be resisting; scared of being engulfed in that life. I think the message is slowly refining itself. I think it’s going towards: you’re allowed to keep yourself away – it’s okay to do that – if you’re scared of being dragged into a life of drugs, etc. Something like that anyway.

Due to my ridiculous cycle of frustration, we had to make a slight change to the schedule/plan of attack for this term. The new plan is to have the chore done for Shelter AKA Turning Tables and Rolling in the Deep done by the end of next week (week 3). I hope I can get my act together this week – I will though, I’m determined to. I hate letting others down so I need to redeem myself.

In other news:

–  I bought the calender for our theatre class to personalise but I forgot my USB with the pictures on it soo I’ll have to get that done early this coming week.

– We had auditions for Alice in Wonderland on Thursday. I went up for Alice and I think I did quite well. I was really happy with my singing audition because I’d been struggling to get my intentions across but seemingly I was able to in my audition because Ms Krilis was quite affected! I think the acting side of the audition was a lot better on my part, or just different maybe. I think this is because of a couple of things: 1. Alice’s character is really close to mine so it’s not exactly a stretch, 2. I was confident that  it was something I could really do well due to point 1. So they are sort of the same, but we find out tomorrow what parts we have and I so hope I get Alice!


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