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Posted in All About Butoh by Savannah on November 24, 2010

Monday night was so amazing. I had the best time and our glitches/muck ups just so didn’t matter because we all worked so well.

Just trying to be modest here…

One thing I will say that I want to try to improve on is my ability to stop thinking. I’ve talked a bit about this in previous posts and at times during the performance I achieved it. I think I need to learn to trust myself more and my ability to be a great performer. That way, I am more likely to achieve the best results and have the best time even if the result turns out to be bad.

I was very happy with the make up and costumes. There were only a couple of glitches/places for improvement.

I would say that the actual sizing of the pants for the guys would be the way to improve for costumes given that I heard a few people say that they saw a lot of underwear. Thank fully, our performance was so intense that it didn’t matter.

I was really happy with the tops I bought for the girls. When I bought them I was a bit worried that they:

a) Would be too “dress-like”: they were very long

b) Wouldn’t fit (the shop assistant said to go down a size and there were no larger sizes anyway)

However, they worked perfectly! Although we had to wear singlets underneath.

The one bit of feedback regarding make up was that whilst they were great designs, it would have been more effective if they were bigger and bolder to make the contrast between the white and black more obvious and to emphasise each character.

Hmm.. that’s all for now! I’m sure I’ll add some more soon when I get a bit more time!!


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