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1 Day To Go!

Posted in All About Butoh by Savannah on November 24, 2010

Aghh only 1 day to go! Well, technically I am writing this now (Monday morning) but about yesterday… our full rehearsal! SO EXCITING!

It was a stressful day, we had so so much to do. The tech run was the most difficult because:

a) We hadn’t been in R46 for a while so doing many tech runs/experimentation, etc. before was impossible

b) Tech stuff often confuses me. I just struggle to get my head around it all.

c) We were all stressed out of our heads.

We did the tech run once and then later ran through, quickly, the lighting cues. I, naturally, had forgotten what I turned off during the run and there were then a couple of holes but it all worked out.

Going through doing dress rehearsals was fun.. It was amazing to see everything coming together.

We were a bit rushed doing the first run through and forgot a few things, especially during the start with the masks. Everyone followed me for cues at the start so I just needed to slow it all down and breathe. The second time we went through it worked much better and we just need to make sure we are relaxed and focussed tonight and it won’t look rushed and out of time.

Nose Focus:

  1. I felt like I had to rush off at the end. I’m the last to go off stage so when everyone started to come back on I felt I had to rush off.
  2. Taleah commented that I didn’t need to rush off and to take my time because they could all wait for me. So I didn’t rush and it was so much more comfortable and, I think, effective.

Energy Twitch:

  1. We all stoped when the music slowed which was not what we had originally rehearsed. Ms Flood made comment of this and I confirmed that it was not what we had originally rehearsed. I was to break away from my level 7 energy, take up a level 4/7 energy and go around taking energy away from people.
  2. So much better and so much more energy. There was a slight problem with this in that Daniel didn’t see me because he didn’t have his glasses on. This means that I have to go really close to him and then he can see me so problem solved!

I was mostly happy with how today (yesterday) went.

It was good (or helpful rather) to see how long the make up actually took (a very long time). We didn’t get to fully do the make up today due to time constraints which was a shame because I would have loved to see it fully done. However, everyone had white make up on and eye make up roughly done. There was a slight problem with the white make up given that the lights appeared to melt it and us being all sweaty and gross didn’t help. The solution to this was just to dab the places where the make up had become uneven with a sponge (I liked to use the triangular sponges) which effectively took away moisture and smoothed rough patches. The problem with this was that most people seemed to forget or not bother… for the night of, I will put sponges on the sides of the stage so people can dab what they know to be there problem areas.

ARGHH SO EXCITED! But the bell just rang and I have to go and finish fixing the wings for tonight!


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