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Posted in All About Butoh by Savannah on November 15, 2010

IT’S ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO AND I’M SO EXCITED BUT SCARED. We still have stacks to do yet we did a run through today and it’s really coming together and is just fantastic.

We started right from the beginning and did absolutely everything! With the back dance, it was great except afterwards it’s kind of like ‘wow’ and I really needed to just shake myself back to reality. I was, at the beginning of this project/collaboration for the showcase, a little bit nervous about the nose to pencil thing. I honestly thought that the audience would be bored out of their brains but I realise now that what we started with was just something we needed as a process – I’m allowed to have some silly moments, okay? I’ve actually grown to really like the pencil to nose piece because it’s simple and straightforward and I think it leads really well into the next piece

I’ve got to say, I’m really happy with the ‘energy twitch’ and it was my idea which makes me so so happy! I really love all the energy rushing through and I think we’ve got such focus. I love coming on in the curious state, it’s my favourite! And I am seriously impressed with Taleah! Not that I didn’t think she was talented or anything but keeping that level of emotion up for that long is absolutely exhausting and she does it so well! She’s doing it a lot better than I can so I’m really going to have to throw myself in more! I think my favourite part about the whole piece is when I get to go straight from level 7 energy to a cross between 4 and 7 (4 with lots and lots of focus!). It’s the coolest feeling to transform so suddenly although I need to be more precise and determined with my actions – it will make it more effective.

Needless to say, when the fan dance come I got rather confused – so embarrassing, I screwed if up like a thousand times! To be fair though, it doesn’t have music or counts or anything, so…  Well, no actually, it was rather simple and I just should have gotten it. I will definitely practice!

On a brighter note we are using my idea about pulling the mask off the face for the opening! I’m not sure if I’ve put a picture up of where the idea came from, so it’s here:

Exciting, right!? Except ours mask will be pure white and not an off-white colour. I’m so happy about this ! I love it when my ideas are accepted (I have been known to have utterly absurdly creative ideas such as incorporating Pegasus into a poem about constellations).

Anyway! So problems:

  • Cathy’s leg: so we’re a bit worried about Cat’s leg b/c her physio told her not to be doing backbends, etc. for 6 weeks whilst it has healed but it may have healed by now and she is sure will be fine by Monday. We decided to make some possible arrangements that we might have to do such as with the puppets. Geoff and I have almost figured out a different routine that doesn’t involve Cathy if she can’t do it on Monday. Taleah doesn’t want to do it without Cathy/with someone who isn’t Cat, mainly because there isn’t really anyone else able to do it due to height or back moving ability. I’m a bit nervous about this and I so don’t want to do it without Cat or Taleah but it’s more important that Cathy doesn’t hurt herself again!
  • Costumes – wings: I need to fit Mel’s wings tomorrow and Bob’s apparently can no longer stay on? I’m thinking arm holders from elastic would be the best idea but I’ll figure all that out tomorrow! Also, I’m adding wire to mine to get them to sit up.
  • Costumes – love hearts/pants: there are love hearts on the pants which I really don’t want to be there so! I had the idea of putting a balloon over the heart and I was thinking of some sort of white fabric (I found it in my mum’s fabric draw) and then hemming it and then sewing it on. Cathy suggested using white felt which is much smarter. So I tried to track down some white felt today but the lady at the fabric shop said it wouldn’t get there until Friday (she had to order more in) so I went over to the $2 shop and there was none there but she suggested the arts shop and the other $2 shops – how many are there!?? (3 is the answer). So my plan is to go hunting for white felt tomorrow after school… hopefully I find some otherwise I’m left until Saturday night to do it all! (I’m going shopping for T-shirts on Saturday, which brings me to…)
  • Costumes – T-shirts: So I seriously spaced out in getting the shirts (for us girls) last Saturday by just screwing up what my dance times were and not getting enough time to go shopping! After the run through today we realised how disgusting and sweaty (I know, gross.) we were going to be by the end of it. So I was thinking singlets but there were a couple of problems with that which I won’t discuss here. So then! LOOSE T-SHIRTS! Genius idea, right? But then I had the dumb idea of putting elastic in the waist so they wouldn’t fall over our heads doing cartwheels or what not…. So Cathy said to just tuck them in. Which was way smarter – way to go Cathy…

Hmm.. That’s all for now!


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