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2 Weeks To Go!

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on November 14, 2010

Today was our production meeting with only two weeks to go until our showcase! SO EXCITING! On the downside, it meant a few people were getting a bit worried yet also determined to get everything done! We talked quite a bit about my area, costumes and makeup. To be perfectly honest I was rather annoyed at the beginning of the meeting (OMG DON’T GET UPSET AT ME MS FLOOD JUST KEEP READING) because I was under the impression that Ms Flood was going to have ordered the pants a week or so ago, which I spent quite a long time finding, yet she hadn’t done that due to complications with PayPal, etc. and had bought other pants. I do realise now that it was just miscommunication because she had thought she was waiting for sizes and I had thought she had enough info, etc. (SO I’M VERY SORRY MS FLOOD IF I WAS SEEMING RUDE – I’M NOT VERY GOOD AT KEEPING MY EMOTIONS FROM THE SURFACE). Anyway I was actually happily suprised with the pants!  They seem really suitable asides from a heart where the pocket is. Ms Flood suggested using fabric paint but I’m not sure whether it would conceal the heart entirely. I think I will experiment a bit tonight with white patches of fabric to go over the heart. I actually think this could be effective given our “alternate” themes.

Mel talked about music for a bit regarding the animal piece and found a great piece on one of the CDs I’d leant her. Which was kind of weird and peaceful yet at the same time, had lots of energy. I could really see us being all our animals when listening to it !

Cathy showed us the poster for Child’s Play and it looked so good! She had a few queries regarding where to put the name of the piece and we all decided on the sky. It’s going to be the front of our program as well!

One more thing I want to experiment is, is some form of a red, blood like substance. I was inspired by this picture:

It just seems such a fascinating image! I think an option for it would be for Mel in The Screaming scene although I’d also like her to have whitened hands for an extra contrast but I’d have to see if she would have time to get it off again.

With my make up designs (eye make up specifically) I was very inspired by this image:

I now have rough sketches of the makeup designs for everyone and as soon as they are absolutely finalised (I’m going to experiment everything on Mel!) I will post and send of pictures/designs to everyone and on this blog!

OK! Have now done all the experiments on Mel – SO EXCITING! I’ve got little packs for everyone tomorrow so hopefully everyone is happy with them. I will post them up here when they’ve been cleared! (hopefully!)


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