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Sunshine and Pants

Posted in All About Butoh by Savannah on November 5, 2010

So we got to work in sunshine: it was awesome. On Monday, we worked on our puppet routine and had some major issues. I was most uncomfortable with my pants – somehow, being sports pants, they were not designed to move in. So after a quick trip to the magically confusing room of costumes to find more comfortable pants (which seemingly I couldn’t find) and a duck into 43 to get Ms Flood’s Diet Coke, we moved on.

We did actually strike a real problem with our piece given that we didn’t fit timing wise and the distinction between the two pairs wasn’t clear enough. So Geoffrey and I had to change ours. We came up with a second option and showed both to a group of students who were supposed to be in maths class. Most of them preferred the first because it was more polished. I, on the other hand, preferred the second and I’m pretty sure Geoff did too – or was at least fine with doing either – so I’m not really sure why we bothered to ask them; I at least was going to fight for the second one.

Dramatics aside, we got to see the cubby scene! It was so cute I could scarcely believe it. There were traditional cute and funny moments like the moving box – how can it possibly be getting closer? – yet there were Bob and Daniel’s own personalities/interpretations/ideas in there too like the mostly Balloon Boy mask. So sweet and funny, I think it will make a good balance in our showcase with all the weird creepy stuff.

This week we also started the fan dance, courtesy of Mel and Ms Flood. It isn’t really choreographed yet so it was a little hard to learn it. In and of itself, I think it’s nicely balanced between normal and creepy.

Doing lots of work on my RI this week, this blog has been relatively short – just wait for next weeks…


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