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Reflecting Reflections

Posted in All About Butoh by Savannah on October 24, 2010

The first thing I noticed when looking back on my reflections was how few reflections there actually were up until this month. If I had written more, I would probably be able to write a reflection on those reflections of decent length.

When looking back on April of this year (when I started Theatre) I only had two entries and they were very factual with literally no emotion and although I have been recently writing these reflections in a state of sheer exhaustion, I feel sure they have MUCH more emotion. More importantly, I think I now understand what I was talking about given that, during various rehearsals, performances or workshops, I have implemented the ideas.

Progressing into May, my blog entries show me to be more interesting yet I don’t think anymore insightful; I had not begun to make connections, really think about what I was doing or reflect insightful. I was simply storytelling but without any literary elements. That is to say, that whilst I was saying what happened it lacked any substance or meaning. At the time of our performance, however, it gained more substance and I think this is when I started to make connections though they were definitely not even partially formed. I was actually able to answer why to some things: why was I happy about this? Why was this performance better than the last? etc. Although, I still had a long way to go to become really insightful.

And on to June… I’m shocked at how bad my blog is at this stage. My first entry for the month Theatre in France – the 1600s was factual and useful but brief. I think my bibliography for this post is longer than the actual post.When looking at Finding Madame Pernelle it is clear that I did not ‘(find)’ my character as well as I could have. My analysis of her character is very on the surface and lacks depth as well as detail.

I think my “study” in July of two men and a woman sitting in a cafe was a turning point for me. I started to look at specifics and realising that that is necessary for a successful performance. Seemingly, I have nothing else until August. We looked at Kabuki in August and I can say that I did not find it the most enjoyable topic to study but I know I’m not a particular fan of the style. Still, looking into costumes this time seemed to give me some incentive/interest in doing it again as that is my production role for our Butoh showcase. Another topic we started in August was lighting. I don’t think this month was a shining one for me in that I think I was not very interested in the topics but didn’t try to push past that. Finally though we came to something I’m good at and enjoy: Shakespeare. I think my analysis was quite insightful yet I know I could have gone further and I would have liked more experimentation. By doing this monologue I learnt so much about lighting. I think the difference from studying lighting by itself and lighting as a part of my performance is substantial because when I was designing the lighting for my own performance, I really cared about it adding to it so I strived for something great. In the process I learnt lots and lots! By learning so much I was able to look at everyone elses performances subjectively and see why they had made what choices and how effective they were for whatever reasons.

Then comes the Zen Zen Zo workshop, another real turning point and I feel closer to understanding performance (whilst I have a VERY STRONG grasp I don’t know nearly as much as I want to) and finding connections.



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