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Impovisation Workshop (September, 2010)

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on October 5, 2010

We had 3 (I actually had 2 due to being involved in something else at the time of the first activity) drama improvisation sessions working towards creating 3 Thank God You’re Here type scenes. I was involved in the ensemble of a scene for Mel and Geoffrey. I had a really good time creating different characters for each scene and I got to practice walking onto the scene for both of theirs. I was really nervous about it because I feel that improvisation is one of my weakest points. I often feel tongue-tied and anxious. However, when practicing with Mel’s and Geoff’s scenes I had a great time!

Furthermore, I had my very own scene to walk in on as a performance and I was absolutely terrified! When the scene started though, it felt natural and organic. I actually felt confident when it began.

I realised at the end of this workshop that I just need to be loose and relaxed (yet still focussed) and to allow my imagination to wander for my improvisation to be successful and fun!


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