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6th September – The video of our monolouges

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on September 7, 2010

Shakespearean Monologues: (the filmed version)

Daniel: The use of green light worked well in creating the mood (good shadows as well but I have mentioned this before). However I don’t think the lights worked well with the red uniform. I like how there was light and shade; the whole stage was not illuminated.


Melissa: Flickering of light (not intentional). The red gel on the light worked really well. It was also not clipped/sharply focussed (the spot) which I liked because it gave room for an outside world. The white costume worked well with the colour red because you could see hints of the red (reflection).


Jesse: The trees in the background worked well because they were only just visible and it created a more ‘eerie’ feeling. He was clearly the focus because he had light directly on him yet it was not everywhere else; again the whole stage was not lit up. This makes it more interesting to watch. Light out on his death. Shadow on the face. Lit cross.


My Performance: Iight out the side of the curtain. Second stop of projection – should I have stopped it then? I think this may have worked well in following Ophelia’s mental state. Hair in way (my trait? Perhaps I need to do more physical preparation).


Geoffrey: A bit too comp.lex. The focus seemed not on him bu on the other side of the stage. Good shadows with set (hatstand, table, etc.) Why is there a light on the (stage left) curtain?  Originally he was supposed to go to stage left but hadn’t rehearsed lighting enough.In darkness completely at one point. Flickering light actually added to it. Can’t see his face very clearly.  


Cathy: I liked the idea of the light turning off to ‘if love be blind’. I liked the stars as the sstill disco ball. Could see her a lot more on the actual performance. Shadow when she was turning.


Taleah: I like the spotlight on the curtain. I like when she steps down, there is a good shadow and she is always well lit. The projection (in the back of her mind) stays there because the image is stil,l very strongly in her mind.

 ***This colour was especially chosen for Taleah, as she reccomended a disgusting colour.***


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