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Study of a Man – looking at actions/characteristics/habits that will help with characterisation

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on July 13, 2010

Purpose: To discover why someone may change their physicality in order to assist me with discovering how to reason in a logical manner.

Setting: A cafe

Extra: Am I allowed to put this up here? But for legal purposes, I was not and am not stalking this people nor do I know any personal information about them!

Two men are sitting in a cafe, waiting for their order to come (which turns out to be just coffee). They are talking to one another; the man on the left is sitting comfortably (legs spread across the chair seat, resting his elbow against the back); the man on the right is sitting quite primly and business-like (legs crossed with a concentrated expression on his face – but is he actually concentrating or just pretending to? He certainly isn’t speaking/contributing much at this point. The man on the right is fairly old with brown hair that looks as though it should be grey – he has probably dyed it. In actual fact, he looks like Kevin Rudd with light brown hair. Despite right man looking older, I would say that both men are around the same age.

Suddenly, it all changes as a woman (quite pretty and around their age) enters and sits at the table. They all know each other (it seems that they had arranged to meet up) and begin talking (although I cannot hear what they are saying). The man on the left leans forward and devotes all his attention to her, instantly looking more serious; trying to impress (is she perhaps his boss? They  all look very professional). His legs are still wide open (that ‘comfortable position) but he seems somehow more refined. The man on the right has similar changes, devoting most of his attention to her (although some stays on the other man). He looks more serious but also more relaxed (I don’t know how this works for it seems, now, that this is an important meeting – perhaps it is because he doesn’t have to chatter away aimlessly and he can now focus on something solid – work?). He looks truthfully focussed at this stage (suggesting further that this is a meeting but it could equally mean that he loves her and is desperate to impress her. IF so, he is doing so in an intelligent way, actually showing himself to be smart and work hard – is this what happens when boys grow up? Not to be generalising or anything…

They begin to talk about something quite seriously now. The man on the right seems to be more into the conversation than the man on the left. At one point he begins to talk a bit faster, clenching and stretching his hands in excitement. There was no shaking of heads or anything of the sort when he gave his exciting information so I assume that his contribution has been well met. However, it also seems that this was his main point: although he continues to contribute to the conversation, it is with less enthusiasm( no more clenching and unclenching of his hands!). The man on the left seems very nervous. As their conversation progresses he becomes less relaxed (and he was very relaxed before she arrived) and more rigid/stiff – is the conversation going badly? Or is it just growing tension (what will she think?). She, herself, is still and poised; crossing and recrossing her legs a few times but looking very in control of the whole situation. She doesn’t say as much as either man, mainly listening and asking a few questions.

The man on the left is now pulling out a booklet of paper which appears to be filled with statistics and graphs: career discovered! (Sort of). They look at and discuss this for a while making confused and thoughtful expressions. However the left man’s face remains fairly blank from what I can see (nerves perhaps?) – is he even paying attention? Right man certainly is, he appears to be catching every word that either one says whereas the left man’s heart doesn’t really seem in it. The woman soon pulls out a similar booklet but with much more ease/grace than the man (is she just more confident? Or is it an act? Does she feel superior over them both and this is what comes naturally? Her status is clearly higher over the two men, whether she is their boss or just a better co-worker I cannot be sure.) and they all compare/discuss.

Their conversation dwindles away – are they getting bored, going around in circles or just reaching the end of what can be discussed? The woman looses her powerful position slightly and leans back against the chair, resting her elbow on it as left man did right at the beginning. The two men look a little drained and take genuinely relaxed (or perhaps tired?) positions. Right man takes left man’s original position (splayed legs, etc.) – he has finally lost his intense concentration.

They leave soon afterwards. Left man walks primly but with some heaviness, his arms not moving much. Right man walks like a stiff bear; quite squarely, lifting up his briefcase slowly and sluggishly. The woman takes control /power again (though a little less than at the beginning of what I am now assuming was a meeting), stepping gracefully away and picking up a lovely black jacket and her briefcase. She takes strong and direct steps whilst the two mean seem to take weaker and indirect steps.


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