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 The first information that the audience was given was that we were on a plane. There was also supplementary information regarding this throughout the play. There were a few clues to this:

 1 – The entrance or ‘hangar’

 2 – The emergency procedure sheet placed on our seats

3 – The crashing of the plane at the end However, this actually confused me a bit because we (the audience) were part of a live show and to be on a plane for that made no sense at all to me. Unless – because the show was called “Green and Gold”, i.e. Australia’s colours – it was symbolic of Australia being a central part of the world but I again – it was not particularly clear to me. However, it was effective in making me think


What I found most captivating about this play was the use of sound and more specifically, the band. I found it great in breaking up the dialogue so it was not a giant slab thus creating more interest, often provided extra comedy but also showing the height of the characters feelings or state of mind.

I didn’t enjoy the sound effects as much but I have never really liked the use of sound effects much because often they make the play seem like a joke and I am instantly less engaged. I felt this in moments such as that when Heracles was “working” to gain a reward – the cow sounds, for me, made it seem a bit too silly. Also, I felt they were overdone. But – as I said before – I loved the band!


 I loved the used of real water for the rivers because it was really exciting and interesting. I also loved how the actors were so willing to throw themselves into it. For me, that was a bit of a metaphor; that performers need to throw themselves entirely into a performance. For instance, if the “cow” had merely climbed very slowly into the water, trying not to get wet, it would not have been exciting at all and would have made the whole thing seem like a joke. It is exactly the same with performing; you must throw yourself entirely into that water and immerse yourself completely in order for it to be an effective performance. This is something I want to achieve – complete immersion. However, the way to do this for me is to not think about it so much because I know that I get too caught up in my thoughts to portray a character, emotion or story as effectively as I would like.


I loved all the characterisation! Such things as ripping the head of the stuffed animal kangaroo was so great because it for one seemed so organic, but also well justified because it just made sense for the character. Just this small thing made me feel that Jack Walters had really thought about his character (BEFOREHAND that is – during you just become the character and let your instincts and character take over). In fact, I think it was because he let the character take over (or so it seemed) was why that movement appeared to be organic. I think he carried his character really well throughout and the emotional journey – progressing to really quite horrible – was played well.


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