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Coming into class a little late…

Posted in Uncategorized by Savannah on May 12, 2010

I changed from HL History to HL Theatre for the start of Term 2, 2010. This proved rather difficult – well, that was an expectation I’d had – because the class was already immersed in a play; Tartuffe by Moliere (full name: Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere). It is a small class, so there were still roles left – no female roles though. So, I got given the role of ‘the officer’. I cannot say that I was particularly thrilled about this but was still determined to give it my best shot! After the first rehearsal with the officer, it was easy to see that I was struggling and I knew I had to put a lot of work in. I started thinking more about the physical ways in which the officer would move and once I had firmly established this: put it into practice. Well! That is certainly easier said than done! I am not a masculine or “tough” female person. I’m much closer to a dancer asides from my rather broad shoulders. But I knew I would eventually be able to work that to my advantage…

The problem was averted! Not in a way I was particularly thrilled about but never the less, I understood completely. Leanne left the Theatre class. Now, I hadn’t been in Theatre long enough to be particularly dependent on her and at this stage, I was still a little out of the loop. However, it meant that there was a major problem: there was now a major role with no actor/actress to fill the spot and the performance was only a week away!

This was easily solved though – I took her role on (Madame Pernelle) but it created all sorts of problems. I literally was not able to connect with the character and learn all the lines in the short period of time we had and besides that many people did not know their lines well enough to perform. So, we changed the date (and apparently this had been done before) and this also meant that we had to change the poster…

Leanne was responsible for the poster to advertise the upcoming performance and thus was the only one with the ability to change it. After Jesse attempted to gain the ability to change the poster with no prevail, Ms Flood created her own but still with the hope that Leanne’s design could be recovered or that Jesse could design a new one. So that problem is also solved but it means more work for other people and that is very unfortunate!

None the less, I am very happy to now have the role of Madame Pernelle. She is not exactly similar to me, but I am able to relate to her much more than I was to the officer.


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